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August 03, 2012 posting ... my weekly demonstrate archive is currently posted on the archive sub-page ... in the event you missed the live airing remember to sign up for me around the archive as i talk about listener mail ... some thing i do commonly because it provides up lots of problems that you will be wondering and provides me a very good platform to extend to the workings in the world ... Incidentally i saw another criticism of my talking about political concerns as opposed to only talking about "pure science" concerns ... well here is the fact ... scientists needs to be and historically are the 1st types to talk out on political difficulties ... today it can be much more crucial as a result of reign of jewish zionist Charge of the banking, information media, hollywood (yes together with batman movies together with their trumped up shooters) and governing administration devices ... only using this facts are you able to recognize that the cabal also controls science and researchers along with engineering ... and how they use this to control the public and to take care of wars and advertise the reign of "Phony flag terrorism" and resulting personalized spying that dominates each individual move you make today ... YES This is often Linked to SCIENCE ... actually it controls all elements of science ... for example "international warming" and "local climate improve" are Bogus fairy tale science which might be used to control drinking water and provides a cover mask for climate Manage ... In addition they Regulate the nut circumstance aspect of the online market place supporting a great deal of morons on the market bringing you goofy information and clouding the issue on all the things from copycats of my get the job done to The subject of World X .

March 29, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio demonstrate is currently posted over the archive sub-page ... if you missed the live airing be sure to capture the archive ... my major science topic discounts with upthrust mountains about the moon IO of jupiter ... there isn't a system for this to happen by "plate tectonics" but as with the myriad of other observations from outer Area these information are swept beneath the rug .

September 08, 2016 show ... Key Science Subject ... "The Mathematics of World Population" I'll give some interesting perspectives ... this has critical implications for world methods and air pollution ... but Regardless of this the largest challenge from the world is ... ___ pay attention and figure out !!! jim mccanney September 01, 2016 display ... posted to the archive sub-web page ... subjects: the two pacific storms madeline and lester raced due west straight for the big island of hawaii BUT the two broke up just in advance of arriving ... also i will discuss the importance of group youth sports so youth might take constructive criticism devoid of using it Individually ... the prepared main science subject matter "the arithmetic of world populace" i had to postpone to next 7 days as there were countless subject areas to cover this week ... also read through the center column below "Photograph of the working day" where by i element why the hawaiian island repels hurricanes and how i tried to solicit the US Army to implement my strategy to small out hurricanes in advance of landfall However they under no circumstances responded pay attention and learn .

April 24, 2013 ... my weekly radio display has become posted within the archive sub-page ... be a part of me this week as i keep on to debate the science of comets as well as the planets ... this week's principal science subject points out a not often seen situation from the comet tail of Hale Bopp that was observed and photographed during the mid 1990's ... my new book COMETS exhibits a photograph of such incredible inner comet structural tails (seventeen in all swinging all around like giant snake-like extensions) proving that comets usually are not dirty snowballs and is also flawlessly not simply defined but predicted by my Plasma Discharge Comet Product (The brand new ebook COMETS also demonstrates my papers revealed in excess of 15 years previous to the appearance of this knowledge perfectly predicting these tails and consequences) .

August 23, 2012 publishing ... my weekly radio exhibit has become posted about the archive sub-page ... Tend not to MISS MY WEEKLY Demonstrate THIS 7 days ... i dedicate the entire present to the topic of your companion of the comet Hale Bopp and the government experts as well as their lies and canopy-ups as well as lives they ruined ... And the way this pertains to the general Tale of Planet X ... jim mccanney

4 COMETS Along with a FREAK ERUPTION Of the ASTEROID (ON STEROIDS) ... it really is time to awaken early All people ... what i are actually talking about for any 12 months NOW Is definitely the TIME !!! in the early early morning sky We have now 4 comets with TWO (comet ISON and comet 2P/Encke) about to encounter the minor planet Mercury ... at the same time from powering ... they're comets noticeable with tiny binoculars BUT what you ought to be considering is also the World Mercury ... will it go comet ??? oddly ample a small asteroid just went comet ... the photos are down below within the Hubble Area telescope .

March 23, 2012 submitting ... my weekly radio exhibit archive is currently posted ... should you skipped the Reside airing be sure to pay attention to the archive sub-website page ... join me as i discuss some Bizarre habits about the sun this past 7 days and also some Unusual conduct at NASA .

May perhaps sixteen, 2015 publishing ... Critical WEATHER UPDATE ... all the critical temperature we're observing was not predicted by conventional weather conditions styles ... The End Of The Fucking World Season 2 dvd release date Australia why not ??? as they will not understand what causes the climate ... they'd have you think that it is all on account of a heat "blob" during the pacific ocean ... pure basic simon silly science ... was it the latest serious solar CME that brazed earth ??? Based on standard fairy tale "Place weather conditions" it missed so must not have any result ... Though we did see some influenced radio indicators it did circuitously affect earth weather because it handed ... but below we've been times just after as well as the world is exploding ... Tremendous typhoons ... tornados for whole United states of america ... africa exploding with violent vast scale thunderstorms (since they transfer into the dry season) and indonesia beset with substantial scale massive storms almost everywhere on the planet it's raining ... my do the job Once more explains this as it truly is The mixture of factors ... the photo voltaic flare developed up the regional photo voltaic capacitor AFTER the CME flare Handed EARTH and we have been discharging this Increased photo voltaic capacitor ... the next element could be the direct electrical alignment Along with the unlit star Saturn (sorry typical astronomy saturn is not really a Earth) ... and that is very Energetic inside the discharge with the solar capacitor ... the solar flare since it passed earth prolonged earth's discharge from the photo voltaic capacitor outwards toward Saturn and so We have now a real cross solar process electrical discharge underway .

October 11, 2014 posting ... my weekly radio show is now posted about the archive sub-web page ... join me as i examine the financial and social impacts of The brand new McCanney WING GENERATOR engineering ... visualize exactly where we might be if communities experienced Strength independence and no longer trusted the centralized ability organizations or refineries operate by greedy self serving billionaires ... This may be for all our Strength requires replacing nuclear and coal for electric and also replacing gasoline automobiles with WING driven electric powered cars and trucks ... think about the economic and social influence of getting energy at Pretty much no cost (not no cost thoughts you there Godless Seasons 1-2 on sale is often a relative Price tag) and The cash that could stay in your Neighborhood in contrast to about to some Strength broker for your world bank who operates energy on the detriment of the whole world .

August 01, 2014 submitting ... my weekly radio present is now posted about the archive sub-webpage ... be a part of me as i explore a new Vitality method which might be scaled to all over the place from modest dwelling methods to massive megasystems that could have potential to replace nuclear reactors and coal crops ... this is NOT tesla engineering ... it truly is proven and is particularly my contribution for the way forward for our World ... the process will likely be an open up architecture with no patents ... i also explore the the latest airliner shoot  down in russia and The truth that the United states has not submitted a shred of proof that this was accomplished by russia or separatists from the ukraine .

Oct eighteen, 2013 ... my weekly radio present from final night has become posted on the archive sub-site ... this week i discuss the three comets with the south that produced CMEs and also my major science topic continues exactly where i remaining off past week coping with getting ready my audience for an forthcoming critical details release ... i also give a quick comet ison update Going Here ... jim mccanney

Oct 03, 2013 ... my present has become posted to the archive sub-website page ... tonight's show is devoted to comet ISON ... pay attention and understand because the federal gov is shut down ... jim mccanney

June 21, 2013 ... my radio show archive has become posted to the archive sub-web page ... i have been accumulating information and facts and knowledge around the solar activity As well as in talk about this on my present ... one thing really Bizarre is happening Using the sun and as I discussed about earlier months NASA and plenty of govt scientific organizations were given an edict to ascertain the Electrical power output with the Sunshine .

HUMPTY DUMPTY FALL DOWN GO Increase !!! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT As well as the Banking institutions ARE FALLING DOWN AND Likely BOOM ... the one trouble is they are falling in addition to the citizens of the after great land and all are taking place Along with the ship ... THIS UN-HERALDED Tale Causes OTHER PENDING DISASTERS ... FEDERAL TAX ID THEFT and fraud is skyrocketing .. Indeed people the fed is stumbling around as thieves steal billions while in the identify of taxpayers ... the term is this fraud employing prevalent tax payers social security quantities is uncontrolled and there's nothing they or you are able to do about this ... NOW TRANSLATE THIS INTO NATIONAL Well being Treatment and the results are apparent (folks thieving your identification and jogging up a big healthcare Monthly bill in your name and you receive stuck With all the astronomical deductible) ... government ineptitude is exponentially unleashed on the unsuspecting citizen as they attempt to rectify your situation Together with the IRS ... the following headline are available over the internet ... "Tax ID theft skyrockets; robbers feasting on the refund bonanza - They steal your identification and go on a spree with Uncle Sam's Debit Card"  ... as people today all around the USA are dropping their residences and ending up with insurmountable financial debt towards the prepared "housing crisis" that has bankrupted each house owner in the united states ... as an incredible number of retirement age little one boomers obtain by themselves in insurmountable credit card debt with the retirement Gains stolen from the pyramid plan 401K catastrophe and pension fund rip offs that put their money while in the stock current market that ballooned and crashed ... as the typical worker is paying most of their earnings in federal and condition as well as the plethora of concealed taxes Together with the equilibrium about to spend amortized bank curiosity (desire procedures outlawed within the outdated testomony) on their own residence and vehicles ... and as Vitality expenditures strangle our incredibly existence ... as being the financial institutions drive skyrocketing curiosity costs on past bank card personal debt and not too long ago handed laws stops authorized reduction for citizens (enacted ahead of the planned financial demise in the United states to entrap its citizens in an online of credit card debt followed by authorized blocks to any remedies) .

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